Purees, Pulps & Peeled Tomatoes

Discover our rich range of high quality peeled tomatoes and octopus, obtained from the best fields of the Italian regions, including Emilia Romagna, Puglia, Basilicata and Campania. These delicious Italian tomatoes, ideal for your kitchen, are harvested at peak ripeness and immediately processed to ensure maximum freshness. The Italian origin is certified by integrated production and complies with anti-GMO regulations. In addition, you can shop online in comfort and bring authentic Italian taste to your kitchen. Choose the quality and convenience of our online food store to enrich your recipes with genuine and delicious ingredients.


Chickpeas, beans, broad beans, lentils, peas.

Discover our tasty and versatile range of Italian legumes, produced in the heart of Italy. Legumes are carefully selected, lightly boiled and packaged immediately to preserve freshness and ensure high quality products in our online store. All ingredients used are guaranteed GMO-free, giving you peace of mind.

Legumes are a delicious and healthy addition to your favorite recipes. They are an excellent choice for those looking for a protein alternative, especially for vegetarians, vegans and the elderly. These little treasures are also rich in fiber, vitamins and mineral salts, and have a low fat content. Explore the variety of legumes available in our online store and enrich your pantry with nutritious and genuine ingredients. Buy now and live the experience of shopping from the comfort of your own home, in our e-commerce dedicated to healthy and quality nutrition.


White, Red & Bubbly Wine

Explore our exclusive selection of Tomitaly wines, produced with passion in the picturesque valleys of Piacenza, at the foot of the Apennines. Our range offers a variety of wines suitable for every occasion: from everyday life to special moments. You will discover both perfect wines to accompany your daily meals, and real wine gems produced according to the natural method, from cellars located in a charming medieval castle. Our food and wine e-commerce offers you an online shopping experience dedicated to true lovers of good wine and high quality. Buy now the best Italian wines in our online store and bring the authentic Italian taste of Tomitaly wines to your table.


100% Italian Wheat Pasta

Our top quality pasta: produced with advanced technologies and selected ingredients, ensuring excellence and reliability. Discover a wide variety of sizes, with the choice between teflon or bronze drawing for different uses, always ensuring exceptional tightness. The crucial drying process is constantly monitored, thanks to innovative systems that preserve the quality of raw materials and flavors. Tomitaly pasta is characterized by a high protein content (13%) and uses only 100% Italian grains, representing the authentic quality of Italy. Choose the perfect pasta for your culinary creations, confirming our commitment to the taste and health of our customers. Buy now in our e-commerce food and discover the pasta Tomitaly, the brand of Italian quality.


Pasta made from red lentils, peas, chickpeas and beans

Tomitaly legume pasta is a tasty and nutritious choice, prepared with red lentils, peas, chickpeas and high quality beans. This Italian product is certified BIO, ensuring a natural and sustainable origin. Buy food online to enjoy the convenience of virtual shopping. Unlike traditional pasta, this option offers an exceptional nutritional profile: with about 350 calories per 100g, it provides a generous amount of energy substances, including about 20% protein and 50% carbohydrates. Fiber, essential components for digestive health, make up the rest.

In addition to satisfying the palate, Tomitaly legume pasta is also suitable for different dietary needs. Buy food online to enjoy the convenience of receiving it right at home. Gluten-free, it is perfect for those who suffer from celiac disease and want to enjoy delicious dishes without worries. This pasta is also an ideal choice for vegan and vegetarian diets, offering a source of high quality vegetable protein. It is also an option for anyone who wants to include more plant-based protein in their daily diet, contributing to a balanced and sustainable diet. Choose Tomitaly legume pasta for a tasty and healthy culinary experience, without compromise.


Delicious Ready-to-Use Sauces

Explore the culinary excellence of our new Tomitaly ready sauces, designed to offer you a variety of rich and authentic flavors. Each sauce is a symphony of carefully selected ingredients, ready to turn your meals into extraordinary gastronomic experiences.

Our Tomitaly ready sauces are not only perfect for seasoning pasta, but also turn into delicious sauces to accompany a wide range of dishes. From roasts to grills, sandwiches to finger food, these sauces add a touch of taste and freshness to every bite. Make your cooking more creative and fulfilling with our ready-made sauces, the ideal solution to create delicious dishes quickly and easily. Bring to life new combinations of flavors, experiment and delight your guests with every course. Discover our collection of ready sauces in our online store and add a note of authentic Italian passion to your table.


i Nostri Kit Gastronomici - Un Viaggio Completo nel Mondo dei Sapori Italiani

Esplora l’esclusiva collezione di kit gastronomici TOMITALY, ideati per offrirti un viaggio esclusivo attraverso l’autenticità e la diversità dei sapori italiani. A cominciare dai nostri classici kit di pasta e sughi pronti, che celebrano la tradizione culinaria italiana, fino alle nostre selezioni più complete come land Box Start, Premium, Deluxe e Gluten Free. Ogni confezione promette un’esperienza culinaria unica. I nostri kit sono ideati con passione ed offrono una varietà di prodotti per soddisfare i gusti più raffinati o per esplorare la ricchezza dei sapori italiani. Regalati la gustosa semplicità dei nostri kit, perfetti per trasformare ogni pasto in un’esperienza “memorabile”.



olive oil of superior category

Discover the wide selection of high quality extra virgin olive oil offered by Tomitaly. Our range includes oil from the European Union and oil produced exclusively with fruits of the best Italian olive groves, respecting ancient traditions. The distinctive sensory characteristics of this product make it an excellence: obtained through mechanical methods from the pulp of olives, it captures the essence of the fruit. Discover the true taste of extra virgin olive oil, bringing to the table the essence of Italy and the culinary heritage handed down. Choose Tomitaly olive oil for an authentic and rich culinary experience. With our oil, tradition blends with modernity, ensuring a unique and healthy seasoning for your every creation in the kitchen.

balsamic vinegar igp

Balsamic Vinegars of Modena PGI

Discover the exceptional world of Balsamic Vinegars of Modena PGI signed by Tomitaly, where the certification by a control body authorized by mipaaf is a guarantee of authenticity and superior quality. These delicious vinegars come from the skilful combination of cooked grape must and wine vinegar, both carefully selected ingredients from the best Italian sources.

Tomitaly’s commitment to excellence is evident in the production of these vinegars, where every step of the process is carefully followed to preserve the organoleptic characteristics and integrity of the product. The use of the traditional stone husking technique helps to maintain the aromatic and taste properties intact.

Choosing Tomitaly’s Balsamic Vinegars of Modena PGI means appreciating the Italian culinary art in its most authentic form. Use them to enrich gourmet dishes, flavor salads or give a refined touch to every creation in the kitchen. Let yourself be guided by the passion and experience of Tomitaly to live a unique sensory journey in the world of flavors.

tomitaly rice

Superfine Carnaroli Rice

Developed to satisfy the sophisticated tastes of consumers, our product is the result of careful attention to every stage of production and processing. This commitment translates into the preservation of the genuineness, the integrity of the product and its natural organoleptic characteristics that make it unique. The pilature, performed through the ancient stone technique, respects the authentic traditions, helping to ensure a product of excellence. Learn more about how we focus on meeting the most demanding consumers through accurate processes and respecting traditional roots.


Special pasta - 100% Made In Italy

Esplora la vasta gamma di paste speciali su, dove troverai una selezione diversificata oltre le classiche paste di grano. La nostra collezione comprende paste integrali, dietetiche, colorate e una varietà di alternative come kamut, grano saraceno, cereali antichi, grano senatore cappelli, farro monococco, pasta di mais e avena. Ogni tipo di pasta offre un profilo nutrizionale unico e un sapore distintivo, arricchendo la tua esperienza culinaria con sapori originali. Approfitta della versatilità di queste paste per creare piatti unici e salutari, portando varietà e gusto nella tua cucina. Scopri la nostra vasta selezione e goditi un’esperienza culinaria unica.

Ogni passo nel nostro processo di produzione è incentrato sulla qualità e l’autenticità. La scelta della farina biologica di farro al 100% dimostra il nostro impegno per ingredienti genuini e rispettosi dell’ambiente. La trafilatura al bronzo e l’essiccazione lenta contribuiscono a preservare le qualità nutritive e il sapore autentico.

Spreadable Creams

The Delicious Spreadable Creams Tomitaly

Benvenuto nel mondo delle creme spalmabili di Tomitaly, dove l’autenticità italiana si fonde con la varietà dei sapori per offrirti un’esperienza culinaria unica. Esplora la nostra selezione di creme dolci e salate, realizzate con ingredienti freschi e genuini che esaltano il gusto e la tradizione italiana.

Sia che tu sia alla ricerca di una dolce coccola per la colazione o di un’aggiunta saporita per i tuoi antipasti, troverai la soluzione perfetta nel nostro shop online. Dalla classica crema di cioccolato alle sorprendenti creme al formaggio, ogni prodotto è realizzato con cura artigianale per garantirti un sapore autentico e genuino.

Immagina di diffondere una generosa porzione di crema di nocciole sul pane tostato al mattino, o di accompagnare il tuo aperitivo con una deliziosa crema al radicchio e grana padano. Con Tomitaly, puoi trasformare ogni pasto in un’esperienza gastronomica memorabile, arricchita dai sapori inconfondibili dell’Italia.