Special Pasta

Spelt Fusilli Bio

From flour organic, stone-ground, bronze drawn and slowly dried at low temperature. For lovers of simplicity the sweet and aromatic taste of spelt, cultivated in a natural way in the Emilian Apennines.

Available formats: 500g


Spelt Gnocchetti with Turmeric & Pepper Bio

In the format of Sardinian gnochetto, our Pasta with Spelt with an intense and spicy flavor favored by the addition of pepper and turmeric to our dough.

Available formats: 350g


Spelt Fusilli with Organic Basil

Fusilli flavored with basil. The spelt flour organic used to produce Nostra Pasta, is ground to stone, drawn to bronze and dried slowly at low temperature.

Available formats: 350g


Products Of Course Organic

Discover wholemeal, dietary, colorful pasta and a variety of food alternatives such as kamut, buckwheat, ancient cereals and much more. Choose from a wide range of special pasta options to enrich your table with unique flavors and different nutritional values.