Ready made sauces & spreads

Pesto Sauce

Produced with Ligurian extra virgin olive oil and basil DOP, according to the traditional recipe. Excellent not only on pasta, but also to enrich sandwiches and bruschetta.

Available formats: vase 185g


Tomato & Basil Sauce

The rich taste of tomato and the freshness of basil: with our sauce ready, you can bring to your table the true taste of Italian tradition.

Available formats: jar 350g - 980g



Puttanesca Sauce

Tomato, olives, capers and a pinch of anchovies are the main ingredients of this traditional Neapolitan sauce, excellent for preparing tasty pasta.

Available formats: jar 350g - 980g

Arrabbiata Sauce

The fresh taste of ripe tomatoes with a pinch of chili: the perfect match to liven up your dishes!

Available formats: 350 g


Sauce with grilled vegetables

This dressing is much more than just a sauce for pasta: it is a complete culinary experience that enhances any dish with the scents of Italian fields. The combination of Mediterranean flavors gives a perfect balance between lightness and taste, making this sauce an ideal option for those who love healthy but tasty dishes.


Available formats: 180 g


Amatriciana Sauce

This iconic recipe, loved in Italy and beyond national borders, represents the excellence of typical Italian flavors. The goodness of this seasoning lies in its authenticity: the fresh tomato blends beautifully with the bacon, offering a bouquet of rich and enveloping flavors that delight the most demanding palates.

Available Formats: 180 gr

Sauce Cheese & Pepper

Created with genuine pecorino cheese and black pepper with a strong intensity, this sauce embodies the perfect elevation for every dish and knows how to make a pasta cheese and creamy pepper.

Available formats: 180g

crema spalmabile con radicchio, grana padano e noci

Radicchio Cream, Grana Padano & Walnuts

This delicious cream, with its versatility, can be used as an appetizer on croutons or bruschetta, or as a condiment for pasta and rice, adding a distinctive touch to meat or fish dishes. Creamy texture and intense flavor, this cream is an exclusive alternative to the classic vegetable creams.

Ideal for: Risotto or Pasta

Available formats: 180 g


Bean Sauce

This sauce with an inviting aroma and dense texture is famous for its versatility. Despite being an ideal accompaniment for pasta, this seasoning is also perfect as a perfect match to bread or as a sophisticated garnish for meat dishes.

Available Formats: 180 gr.

Arrabbiata Sauce

The fresh taste of ripe tomatoes with a pinch of chili: the perfect match to liven up your dishes!

Available formats: jar 350g - 980g



Tomatoes Pesto

The strong taste of dried tomatoes combines perfectly with the sweetness of cashew and the fresh note of basil. Try it on pasta or as a side dish for meat dishes and appetizers.

Ideal for: Aperitifs and first courses

Available formats: jar 180g - 980g


Pesto Zucchini & Herbs

Only the best Zucchini of the Season expertly dosed with the addition of almonds, fresh basil leaves and a hint of lemon to obtain a rustic pesto, with the unmistakable taste of freshly picked vegetables. 

Suitable for: Appetizers and First Courses but also as an accompaniment to main dishes based on fish.

Available Formats: 180 gr.

Our Own Natural Sauces

Our range of legumes, tasty and versatile, is produced in Italy; legumes are lightly boiled and immediately canned to preserve the fresh taste and ensure a high quality product. All ingredients are GMO-free. Legumes can be a delicious and healthy addition to your favorite culinary recipes; excellent alternative source of protein, especially for vegetarians, vegans and the elderly. Legumes are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals and low in fat.