Vino Italiano/ Vino Biologico

Classic Method Brut Sparkling Wine

Explore our exceptional Spumante Metodo Classico Brut, an Italian wine made from Chardonnay grapes carefully grown in a vineyard planted in 1992. With its golden yellow color, this wine offers an intense scent of ripe fruit and flowers, while on the palate it gives a savory and fresh taste, characteristics that make it perfect for various occasions.

Experience the versatility of this Spumante, ideal to enrich the aperitif experience at home. You can combine it with appetizers and cold cuts to create irresistible combinations. With its unique flavors and its origin from Italian vines, this Spumante is one of the most delicious types of Italian wine, ready to delight your senses.



Gutturnio Superiore

Explore Luretta’s Gutturnio Superiore: an authentic expression of Italian wines and a perfect option for an aperitif at home. Produced in Colli Piacentini, this Piacenza red wine is the result of the fusion of Barbera and Croatina grapes, faithfully following the local tradition.

Gutturnio Superiore is an Italian wine with a distinctive character, ideal for those looking for unique and exciting types of wine. With its aging process in oak barrels, this wine is clear in intention and provocative in character, offering a taste experience that you will not forget.

Discover the charm of the Colli Piacentini through Luretta’s Gutturnio Superiore, the Piacenza red wine that conquers the most demanding palates.

Pantera - Red Wine

Explore our IGT red wine from Emilia-Romagna, a great choice for an aperitif at home or to enrich your favorite dishes. Produced in the Colli Piacentini, this Piacenza red wine is an authentic representation of Italian wines and the types of wine that characterize the region.

Made from Barbera, Bonarda and Cabernet grapes from a vineyard planted in 1994, this wine has an intense red color and an enveloping aroma of ripe cherry, enriched with notes of pepper and spices. The taste is soft and intense, with nuances of berries that are revealed in the palate.

Appreciated for its versatility, this IGT red wine from Emilia-Romagna is the ideal choice to accompany red meat dishes and to create convivial moments during the aperitif at home. Discover the pleasure of tasting an authentic Piacenza red wine, produced in the Colli Piacentini, and let yourself be seduced by its unique characteristics.

Carabas - Red Wine

Explore the authentic world of Italian wines with our Fermo Red Wine made from the fine Barbera grapes of the Piacenza Hills. This Piacenza red wine represents the excellence of Italian wine types, ideal for moments of relaxation and to enrich the aperitif at home.

With wrapping aromas of ripe fruit and jam, the palate is surprisingly powerful, perfectly balancing the fresh acidity that makes it unique. Let yourself be conquered by the sensorial nuances of this wine, a true expression of Italian craftsmanship and wine passion.

This Vino Rosso Fermo is the ideal accompaniment for stewed meat and red meat dishes, offering a memorable dining experience. Discover the authentic character of the wines of the Colli Piacentini and enjoy every sip of this extraordinary Piacenza red wine, the fruit of Italian tradition and wine art.

On Attend Les Invites - Spumante Rosè

Explore the extraordinary red fruit fragrances present in each glass of On Attend, one of the Italian wines that promises a unique experience. This wine tells a fascinating story, both for those who taste it and for those who produced it. The pink color that characterizes it is not only an aesthetic appearance, but the result of a meticulous maceration process that every year gives surprising and distinctive results.

On Attend is more than just wine, it is a real sensory journey. Its intense fragrances capture attention from the first approach, anticipating an extraordinary taste. This Italian wine is one of the most fascinating types of wine and is ideal to enhance an aperitif at home. With its distinctive character and coming from Italian vineyards, On Attend is the perfect companion to create memorable moments during your special occasions.


Pas Dosè - Spumante Classico

Discover Pas Dosé, the excellence of the Italian Classic Method for your unique occasions. Made from the fusion of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Pas Dosé is an extraordinary sparkling wine, without dosage and aged on the lees for 50 months.

This Italian wine embodies the essence of an authentic wine experience, ideal for special celebrations and aperitifs at home. The combination of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay gives Pas Dosé a distinctive character, making it one of the most appreciated types of wine among Italian wines. Experience the luxury of a unique Classic Method and create unforgettable memories with a wine that represents the best of Italian wine tradition.

Natural Wine

Discover the rich variety of Italian wines with the selection of Tomitaly wines, expertly produced in the fascinating hills of Piacenza, among the Apennines. Our collection embraces different types of wine, ideal for any occasion: from informal moments at home to refined aperitifs.

Dalla tradizione dei vini italiani per i pasti quotidiani alle prelibatezze gourmet ottenute da coltivazioni biologiche, ogni bottiglia è frutto di passione e impegno. Le nostre cantine, ospitate in un castello medievale, preservano l'autenticità e la qualità dei vini italiani.

Esplora i sapori unici delle colline piacentine attraverso i vini Tomitaly, un viaggio nel gusto che celebra l'arte vinicola italiana e la bellezza dei Colli Piacentini.