Tomato Preserves

Tomato Puree

The tomatoes are washed and shredded at high temperatures, then purified from seeds and skins. Then a touch of salt is added to the juice. The result is a lively red juice, with a velvety, dense and creamy appearance. These characteristics are the result of the taste and smell of fresh tomato, processed with care and without the addition of artificial flavors. This process guarantees a genuine and quality product, perfect for your culinary preparations.

Available formats: glass bottle 690 g; can 2 500 g


Chopped Tomatoes

Our tomatoes chopped in tomato juice are the fruit of fresh and ripe tomatoes, belonging to the species Solanum Lycopersicon. These tomatoes are carefully washed, gently blanched, carefully peeled, finely chopped and finally mixed with tomato juice. The result is a slightly acidic taste, typical of fresh tomatoes, with the absence of burnt aftertaste. This manufacturing process preserves the genuineness of the flavor and guarantees a high quality product for your culinary creations.

Available formats: can 200 g – 400 g – 800 g – 2 500 g; bag 5 kg – 10 kg


Peeled Tomato

Our tomatoes are carefully washed and shredded at optimal temperatures, while being gently separated from the seeds and skins. In the resulting juice, a touch of salt is added to enhance the natural flavor. This product has a lively red color, a velvety, dense and creamy appearance, reflecting the quality of the processing of fresh tomatoes. The taste and aroma of fresh tomato are distinctive and authentic, without any additional aroma. Choose our tomatoes chopped in juice to enrich your recipes with the authenticity and taste of nature.

Available formats: Available formats: can 400 g – 800 g – 2 500 g

Organic Products

I nostri prodotti biologici a base di pomodori italiani provenienti dall'Agricoltura Biologica, conforme al Regolamento CE 834/2007, sono arricchiti con sale di origine italiana solo se necessario. I pomodori biologici certificati che utilizziamo portano genuinità e sapore ai tuoi piatti, mantenendo la loro salute.

Explore our wide range of products and formats available:

  • Tomato puree in glass bottle 690 g
  • Chopped tomato in can 400 g and 2.5 kg
  • 400 g and 2,5 kg canned peeled tomatoes

In addition to the standard selection, we offer the same excellence in a Certified Organic version, to satisfy the discerning and responsible palates. Discover the authentic taste of our organic products Tomitaly, the choice that combines quality and sustainability.