Pasta with legumes - Made In Italy

Our Pasta di Legumi Tomitaly is an authentic Italian delicacy, certified organic. With only 350 calories per 100g, it is a smart choice for those looking for a nutritious and tasty option. This pasta offers a concentrate of energy with about 20% of proteins and 50% of carbohydrates, all enriched with precious fibers. It is a versatile choice, suitable for celiacs thanks to its absence of gluten, but also ideal for those who embrace vegan or vegetarian food styles. Add more vegetable proteins to your daily diet and enjoy the authentic taste of our Pasta di Legumi Tomitaly.

Casarecce - Chickpea Pasta

Ingredients: Chickpea flour bio (70%), rice flour bio (30%).



Casarecce - Legume Mix

Ingredients: organic chickpea flour, organic red lentil flour, organic pea flour, organic rice flour (30%).


Fusilli - Peas & Nettle

Ingredients: Italian pea flour (63%), rice flour (26.8%), EGG WHITE (10%), nettle (0.2%).


Fusilli - Peas & Turnip

Ingredients: Pea flour 63% (Italian origin), rice flour (26.8%), egg white (10%), red turnip (0.2%).


Fusilli - Peas & Spirulina Seaweed

Ingredients: Pea flour 63% (origin Italy), rice flour (26.8%), egg white (10%), spirulina seaweed (0.2%).


Casarecce - Bean Pasta

Ingredients: organic bean flour (70%), organic rice flour (30%).


Fusilli - Peas & Coal

Ingredients: pea flour (63% - Italian origin), rice flour (26.8%), egg white (10%), charcoal (0.2%).

Casarecce - Red lentils

Ingredients: organic red lentil flour (70%), organic rice flour (30%).


Organic Products

Our varied selection of legumes, tasty and versatile, is carefully cultivated in Italy. After a light boil, legumes are delicately canned to preserve their fresh taste and ensure a product of the highest quality. We are committed to using only GMO-free ingredients.

Legumes are a delicious and healthy addition to your favorite recipes. They are an extraordinary alternative source of protein, particularly suitable for vegetarians, vegans and the elderly. Rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, legumes are also low in fat, contributing to a balanced and healthy diet. Enter the world of Tomitaly legumes and discover how to enrich your table with taste and well-being.