Pasta With Durum Wheat

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Category: Pasta Di Grano Duro

Our pasta, the result of advanced production techniques, highly specialized labor and top quality ingredients, is a final product of excellence that guarantees quality and reliability. The wide range of sizes and options of drawing to teflon or bronze make our paste flexible and suitable for multiple uses, always ensuring a flawless consistency. The drying process, carefully monitored through innovative systems, preserves the organoleptic qualities of the raw materials. The versatile and functional packaging adapts to the needs of retail and wholesale distribution chains.

With a remarkable protein content (13%) and the use of 100% Italian grains, Tomitaly pasta stands out for its exceptional nutritional quality. Deepen our selection for a culinary experience that combines authentic taste with optimal nutritional values. Discover Tomitaly pasta and immerse yourself in a perfect combination of tradition, quality and wellness. Explore our pasta now to delight you with a product that lends itself to every dish, satisfying even the most demanding palates.