The flours offered by Tomitaly are still produced in a traditional way and guarantee the highest quality standards. Thanks to an agreement with local farmers, our flours are made by grinding only local wheat, which means very little environmental impact.


FLOUR TYPE “0” FOR BAKING – W 220 P/L 0.50 is produced with grains from Emilia-Romagna region by local farmers near the cities of Modena and Reggio-Emilia. It is ideal for the production of short leavening bread.


FLOUR TYPE “1” FOR BAKING – w 200 p/l 0.60-0.70 is produced by grinding Emilian wheat, containing bran, semolina and wheat germ, which means it is naturally rich in fibre and poor in gluten. The best way to stay healthy!


FLOUR TYPE “00” FOR PIZZA – W 200 D/L 0.50 – W 300 D/L 0.50 – W 400 D/L 0.50 is available in three versions: for short, medium and long leavening. Short and medium leavening types are produced with grains from Emilian farmers, while the long leavening flour also contains Manitoba of the highest quality.


FLOUR TYPE “00” FOR PASTRY – W 200 P/L 0.60-0.70 is ideal for the production of shortcrust and tea pastry, cakes and pies. This flour is suitable both for traditional and instant leavening by using chemical yeast. It is made with 100% Emilian grains.


FLOUR TYPE “00” FOR FRESH PASTA – W 200 P/L 0.60-0.70 is a refined type of flour for traditional fresh and stuffed pasta, both hand-crafted and industrial. It is produced by using a blend of local wheat.


Available formats: pack 1 kg – 25 kg

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