Passion for quality made in Italy

Behind  Tomitaly products  there is a long history of passion for quality made in Italy and experience gained through years of work in the agro-food industry.

We look for the excellence produced by Italian fields and processed in our Country: from the choice of the best land to the selection of the best seeds, through careful cultivation, harvesting and processing, we preserve  the original nutritional value and guarantee the authenticity of the products.

In particular, we are looking for all those niche foods that are produced with a short and certified supply chain and  at the same time that can perfectly represent regional tastes and flavors.

We offer to our customers the products with the prestigious  "Tomitaly ® 100% Italian food" brand.

A part of our products can  be proposed also with private label of the client , while maintaining the quality standards that distinguish us.

An advanced and efficient logistics structure allows us to optimize all the process and to deal with  foreign markets.