Italian Wine


The wine offered by Tomitaly comes from vineyards that produce 60 quintals per hectare, half of the standard production.

It does not decrease the number of plants per hectare but the number of bunches per plant.

The grapes on the bunch are thinner and smaller because the plants are not stressed to increase the production of grapes. The wind that passes through the spaces of the bunch avoid the formation of mold and parasites and the consequent use of systemic chemicals.

Anti-parasitic prophylaxis with sulfur and copper are the only human intervention on plants, these treatments are external and do not combine with the fruit and not come into the glass.

The wines spend the aging period in Allier oak barriques in the cellars of a medieval castle located on the hills of Val Luretta.




Principessa is Spumante Metodo Classico Brut (Sparkling Brut), made from Chardonnay grapes from implanted in 1992. In each hectare there are 5000 plants and the yield is 6000 kg.
Spumante Principessa (The Princess sparkling wine) is obtained with the classic method by adding selected yeasts.


Golden yellow color with intense scent of fresh fruit and flowers taste, savoury and fresh taste suitable with starters, aperitifs, cold cuts.

Classic method obtained from  white grape based  on the twenty-year experience of the winery, offers  a sparkling fresh but never boring drink with enticing floral aromas and a palate of appealing savouriness.



Pantera is red wine I.G.T. dell’Emilia, made from Barbera - Bonarda – Cabernet grapes from a vineyard implanted in 1994. In each hectare there are 5000 plants and the yield is 6000 kg.
Pantera is obtained by adding selected yeasts and after aging in barriques for 9 months.


Intense red color with ripe cherry scent, morel coupled with hints of pepper and spices  soft and intense taste with notes of wild berries and a strong mineral taste suitable with red meat .

A charming mix of three different wine species (Bonarda, Barbera and Cabernet), this wine blends the character and personality of indigenous vine species with the charm of international cépage. Spicy flavors of pepper and cinnamon blend harmoniously with tannin softness and intense flavors of ripe fruit.



Gutturnio Frizzante is a red wine from Piacenza pleasantly sparkling with a brilliant ruby color, vinous aroma and distinctive.
The taste fresh and young makes it ideal to accompany meats, first courses, boiled and roasted.
It is produced with grapes of Barbera and Bonarda varieties in the same proportion.




Malvasia Dolce is a white wine from Piacenza with a golden straw yellow color and a harmonious, fruity and intense bouquet.

It has a sweet, aromatic, fresh and sparkling taste.
It is excellent with desserts and pastry specialties.
It is produced with grapes of Malvasia di Candia variety.