Pasta Tomitaly is a short food supply chain.

All stages of production are carried out in our partner farm.

Pasta is produced with ancient grain "Senatore Cappelli", of Italian origin, cultivated in Puglia and Basilicata.

Nazareno Strampelli, a renowned agronomist, dedicated the discovery of the special wheat used to make this pasta to Senator Raffaele Cappelli, a promoter of Italian agricultural reform in the early 1900s.

The Italian hard wheat is produced using new technologies, but at the same time safe and respectful of the environment.

We use non-GMO  and only 100% Italian origin seeds.

The guarantee of source and  quality of the raw material and production methods, allow to preserve intact not only the organoleptic and nutritive properties. The result is a pasta that integrates itself in a high quality market segment.


The best of bronze drawing, 100% Italian hard Wheat. The porosity of bronze drawing, gives to pasta the ability to hold condiments and the traditional slow drying at low temperatures procedure gives its unique taste, coming from the Italian hard wheat, produced in South Italy.


Tubettini rigati, Spaghettoni, Spaghetti, Sedanini rigati, Rigatoni, Pene rigate, Linguine, Gigli, Fusilloni, Fusilli, Paccheri, Calamarata.

Organic products: Spaghetti, Sedani, Penne rigate, Linguine, Fusilli.

Available formats: 500 g


The best of our WHOLEGRAIN selection,  all milled with wheat germ.

The pasta has an unmistakable flavor, a low glycemic index and high fiber content, due to the grain produced in Southern Italy milled at low temperatures.

Pasta with the porosity of bronze drawing and tradition of slow drying at low temperatures.


Pene rigate, Fettuccine, Paccheri.

Available formats: 500 g