Premium Box Tomitaly

PREMIUM BOX (4,25kg)

- Spaghetti durum wheat 100% Italian origin in bag 500g – We use the best 100% Italian durum wheat semolina, rich in gluten and with 13% of proteins. This guarantees exceptional cooking properties, for a pasta perfectly “al dente”.

- Penne Rigate durum wheat 100% Italian origin in bag 500g

- Tomato Puree in glass bottle 690g – This product is made from fresh and ripe tomato of Italian origin, processed in order to preserve its organoleptic properties. Its smooth texture makes your dishes unique. 

- Legume Pasta – Peas & Beet in pack 250g – Our Legume Pasta is produced by traditional bronze drawing and dried for over 15 hours. It is a lactose-free product, naturally rich in fibre and proteins and low in fat, perfect for a healthy diet. Suitable for celiac and vegetarian people.

- Extra virgin olive oil 100% Italian quality in glass bottle 750ml – Tomitaly extra virgin olive oil is produced only with Italian olives from the best olive groves, according to our oldest traditions. The climatic conditions and the mild sea breeze give him its particular, unmistakable flavour.

- Grana Padano Riserva DOP aged 24 months 850g – The unique flavour of Grana Padano cheese, rich and delicate, with a hint of spicy and notes of hay and dried fruit. Taste it as it is or add it to your dishes.


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