Tomitaly offers niche foods, produced with short and certified supply chains, which can best represent regional flavors.
Tomatoes are of Italian origin coming from integrated production and obtained from non-GMO raw materials in accordance with the regional regulations for integrated production (Emilia Romagna law N. 28/99 and Reg. 1829 and 1830/03 / CE) . Allergens are absent (in compliance with Legislative Decree no.114 of 08/02/06, Directive 2006/142 / EC and EU Reg. 1169/2011).
Organic products are obtained from tomatoes of Italian origin coming from Organic Farming in compliance with Reg. CE 834/2007 and s.m., with the addition of salt of Italian origin (when necessary).
All our legumes and mail are produced in Italy and packaged immediately to preserve the fresh taste and guarantee high quality products. All ingredients do not contain GMOs.