Tomitaly rice is made to fulfil consumers’ highest expectations. Each production and processing step leads to an authentic high-quality rice, that preserves its natural organoleptic properties. It is processed by stone husking technique, following the ancient tradition.


CARNAROLI SUPERFINO is the excellence of Italian rice farming. Its amylose-rich grains make it the best choice for cooking a perfect risotto.


CARNAROLI WHOLE-GRAIN has the same properties as its refined version, but it’s higher in fibre, since it didn’t undergo a milling process. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, all essential elements of a healthy diet.


VIALONE NANO is characterized by plump grains, perfect for soups and timbale. It’s totally suitable for nuggets or arancini, since it soaks up sauce and stays firm after cooking.


BLACK rice is a whole-grain rice characterized by a peculiar flavour with aromas of bread and hazelnuts. Its black colour is partially released while cooking, that’s why it is preferable to add extra ingredients once the rice is already cooked. This rice perfectly combines with fish and seafood.


Whole-grain ERMES rice, with its typical red colour, is the result of the combination of Black rice and a thin and long grain rice. Its crunchy grains are rich in vitamins, fibre, minerals and proteins.


SEMI-INTEGRAL CARNAROLI rice, ..............




Available formats:

  • vacuum pack / carton 1 kg
  • jute sack 5 kg 


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