- Spaghetti durum wheat 100% Italian origin in bag 500 g - We use the best 100% Italian durum wheat semolina, rich in gluten and with 13% of proteins. This guarantees exceptional cooking properties, for a pasta perfectly “al dente”.

- Sauce Tomato & Basil 350 g – The rich taste of tomato, together with the freshness of basil: with our ready sauce, you can bring to your table the real taste of Italian tradition.

- Legume Pasta – Peas & Beet in pack 250 g - Our Legume Pasta is produced by traditional bronze drawing and dried for over 15 hours. It is a lactose-free product, naturally rich in fibre and proteins and low in fat, perfect for a healthy diet. Suitable for celiac and vegetarian people.

- Extra virgin olive oil 100% Italian quality in glass bottle 750 ml - Tomitaly extra virgin olive oil is produced only with Italian olives from the best olive groves, according to our oldest traditions.

- Pesto “alla Genovese” sauce with DOP basil 185 g - Produced with extra virgin oil form Liguria ad basil DOP, according to the traditional recipe. Perfect not only for pasta, but also as a tasty addition to your sandwiches and toasts.

- Pesto sauce with tomato180 g - The sharp taste of dried tomatoes perfectly combines with the sweetness of cashew and the fresh note of basil. Try it on pasta or as a side sauce for meat dishes and appetizers.

- Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI “Velluto” in glass bottle 250 ml - Our Balsamic Vinegar is 100% made in Italy and is certified by control body authorized by MiPAAF. Its flavour presents a good balance between acidity and sweetness, with pleasant notes of must and dried fruit.

- Rice Carnaroli Superfino in vacuum pack 1 kg - Tomitaly rice is made to fulfil consumers’ highest expectations. Each production and processing step leads to an authentic high-quality rice, that preserves its natural organoleptic properties. Carnaroli Superfino is the excellence of Italian rice farming. Its amylose-rich grains make it the best choice for cooking a perfect risotto.

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