The entire range of purees, pulp and peeled tomatoes is produced using the best tomatoes from the fields of the countryside of some Italian regions (mainly: Emilia Romagna, Puglia, Basilicata and Campania), harvested at the right degree of ripeness, processed immediately after harvesting and checked during processing.

Tomatoes are of Italian origin coming from integrated production and obtained from non-GMO raw materials in accordance with the regional regulations for integrated production (Emilia Romagna law N. 28/99 and Reg. 1829 and 1830/03 / CE). Allergens are absent (in compliance with Legislative Decree no.114 of 08/02/06, Directive 2006/142 / EC and EU Reg. 1169/2011).

All our products are suitable for all groups of consumers, excluding those with a specific sensitivity to the product. In particular, they are suitable for consumption for celiac, diabetic, vegetarian and vegan people; it is also suitable for Kosher and Halal diets.
The product is ready to use and can be used as it is or with the addition of other ingredients and does not require cooking and further preparation. It is suitable for the preparation of pizzas, first and second courses and side dishes.

Tomato Sauce

Washed tomatoes are shredded at high temperatures and cleaned out of seeds and peels. A pinch of salt is added to the obtained juice. The colour is bright red, the velvety, dense and creamy appearance, the characteristic taste and smell of the well-worked fresh tomato and abnormal flavours are absent.
Available format: glass bottle 700 g

Tomato Pulp

The diced tomatoes in tomatoes juice are prepared from fresh and ripe tomatoes belonging to the Lycopersicon Esculentum Mill species.
The tomatoes are washed, blanched, peeled, chopped, gently filled and mixed with tomato juice. The taste is slightly acidic, typical of fresh tomatoes, lacking in burnt aftertaste.
Available formats: can 200 g - 400 g - 800 g - 2,500 g


The whole peeled tomatoes in tomato juice, preserve intact the fragrance and the scent of the freshly harvested tomato produced only with full-bodied tomatoes and an authentic flavour like that of the past.
Available formats: can 400 g - 800 g - 2,500 g


The organic products are obtained from tomatoes of Italian origin coming from Organic Farming in compliance with Reg. CE 834/2007, with the addition of salt of Italian origin (if necessary).
Our organic tomatoes are certified and healthy, give naturalness, creaminess, and flavor to your dishes.
Available products and formats:
Tomato sauce: glass bottle 700 g
Tomato pulp: can 400 g – 2,500 g
Peeled: can 400 g – 2,500 g